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D.O.M.P (Digital Offsets Management Platform)

DOMP Innovation Patent
Industry Challenges
    • Complex variables within offset policy that lead to inconsistent alignment between business cases and evaluation.
    • Lack of integration and clear assessment for business cases aligned to offset policy.
    • Credit evaluation against deliverables is vague which leads to ongoing debate.
    • Lack of consolidated data delays the decision making process.
    • Business case approval matrix is not clear, which leads to lengthy process and Lack of transparency, resulting to frustrated stakeholders.
D.O.M.P Solution
    • A game changer with complete automation, centralization and AI capabilities for easy alignment to complex offsets policy.
    • It empowers Offsets Management Team to manage several large complex offsets programs from one centralized platform.
    • It enables International Defence | Civil Contractors to fulfill offsets obligation by providing optimum flexibility and reduce travelling for ongoing negotiation.
    • Live predictive analysis with mobile capabilities to ensure effective tracking and monitoring
    • Quick and simple adoption by the various stakeholders. Requiring minimum training to enable (Offsets Team – OEM’s – Local Industry) to be up and running in a short time frame.