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Digital Transformation Platform Enterprise (DTPE)



  • Single source of truth via centralised Integrated Platform
  • Built-In with AI-Analyser across all Modules for Live Assessment and Predictive Analysis.
Centralised and Automated Live Alerts and Tracking Accurate Data & Traceability Matrix

Projects Delivery Consistency and Strategy Alignments

  • Enable Centralised Consistent Project Delivery via Digital PMO Governance aligning to PMBOK
  • Live Dashboard, alerts and notifications for proactive corrective action for greater project control
Project Governance Live Project Tracking Project Delivery Consistency KPI’s Management Initiatives Management Initiatives Assessment
Why DTPE and Why Now

Operation Optimisation

  • Centralised Process Management with AI Analyser for Greater Operation Process & Performance Optimisation.
  • Live Requests Management and Activities Tracking
  • Crisis Management Playbook & Process Management
Process Management Live Activities Tracking Process Analyser

Easy Adoption and Integration

  • Centralised and Pre-Integrated ERP Core business modules (HR, Budget, Finance, Procurement) with AI capabilities.
  • Live dashboard alerts and notifications for proactive business workflow to review and assess approvals to eliminate double handling and reduce human errors.
Live Financial Analysis Integrated Budget Management Integrated HR Management Service Integrated Procurement Management

Business Solutions - All systems are cloud based (or on premises)